Our commitment to system uptime

Our engineers have many years of experience in maintaining diagnostic imaging equipment, including x-ray, CT and Nuclear.

We appreciate how important system reliability and uptime is to diagnostic imaging departments and with this in mind we minimise system downtime while maintaining the highest safety standards by taking steps to correct anything that may increase downtime.

Our engineers carry a comprehensive kit of parts in their cars, which means that systems are often repaired on the first visit.. No waiting for spares! Our spare parts stock is based in the UK keeping delivery time to a minimum.

For prompt camera service with minimum fuss and any long term ongoing faults corrected, then please contact us for a competitive quote.
Medical Imaging Consultancy Ltd
Specialists in the Maintenance and Repair of Spectrum Dynamics, IS2/Positron and ADAC/Philips Gamma Cameras.
Medical Imaging Consultancy Ltd (MIC) specialise in the maintenance, repair and sale of nuclear medicine gamma cameras manufactured by ADAC, DDD, IS2/Positron, Philips Medical Systems and Spectrum Dynamics.

Some of the systems we service include the DDD QuantumCam, NephroCam, SoloMobile and Solo, Philips/ADAC Forte, Forte MCD, Vertex PLUS, Vertex Classic, Vertex MCD / Vantage, Argus, Genesys dual head, Transcam mobile, DSPECT and Skylight gamma cameras. The ADAC / Philips Pegasys & Jetstream Workspace computer systems are also supported.
Maintenance and Repair
of ADAC, DDD, IS2/Positron, Philips and Spectrum Dynamics Gamma Cameras
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MIC Ltd is the largest independent service provider in the United Kingdom for ADAC/Philips gamma cameras and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Philips/ADAC. It is also the exclusive providor of service & maintenance for Spectrum Dynamics in the UK. All Trademarks Acknowledged.
04 October 2020
MIC provides support for Veriton Spect/CT at Royal United, Bath.

02 April 2019
Are your cardiac waiting  lists too long? Do you have a small spare room in your department to temporarily place a cardiac camera ?

Are you replacing an existing camera but want to keep your cardiac waiting list to a minimum during the changeover ?

Then maybe we can help ! We can provide rental of a IS2 cardiac camera for periods of 3 months to beyond a year.
Details here

27 March 2017
MIC are pleased to announce that from April 2017 we now provide service and maintenance on behalf of Spectrum Dynamics for all UK based DSPECT systems. Information on the DSPECT cardiac camera can be found here

11 January 2017
Interested in hiring a gamma camera ? If you require a camera for a month, several months or even a year please contact us Cardiac, single head and dual head systems available. All inclusive pricing.

3 June 2016
MIC provided a cardiac gamma camera on a rental basis to a South Yorkshire hospital for a 14 week period. This allowed them to perform acquisitions on approximately 250 patients while their new SPECT/CT camera was being installed and commisioned. The cardiac camera allowed them to manage their waiting list and keep it to a minimum.

25 January 2016
MIC installed a Forte gamma camera in the south of England.

01 December 2015
MIC successful in bid for Skylight contract in the South of England.

02 November 2015
MIC successful in bid for Skylight contract in The Midlands.

10 August 2015
We can now provide a number of ADAC Vertex parts. If interested please take a look at the list of parts we have in stock  here.

April 2015 MIC provides a 3 year contract for two cardiac cameras in west London.

December 2014 A single head Argus EPIC installed in London.

October 2014 A third IS2 Pulse Cardiac Gamma camera is installed at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

October 2014 MIC & Philips complete fork upgrade on all Argus cameras in the UK.

10 February 2014 MIC install a Forte Powerpack gamma camera in West London, upgrading the customers single head camera to a dual head camera.

21 June 2013 MIC to install another Skylight and provide ongoing maintenance in the south of England.

20 June 2013 MIC provides service for a further two Forte cameras and another Skylight ! located in the south of England.

01 June 2013 Not only do we service Philips/ADAC/Positron and IS2 cameras we also sell via our partner Diagnostic Imaging, new DDD cameras such as the QuantumCam http://www.ddd-diagnostic.dk/quantumcam 
VA SPECT Camera, for general purpose nuclear medicine. Interested in a new dual head then please give us a ring.

CorCam http://www.ddd-diagnostic.dk/corcam  SPECT Camera for nuclear cardiology procedures

NephroCam http://www.ddd-diagnostic.dk/nephrocam  is optimized for seamless radioisotope renography and planar imaging.

Solo Mobile http://www.ddd-diagnostic.dk/solomobile  SoloMobile is designed to be moved within a nuclear medicine department.

Solo http://www.ddd-diagnostic.dk/solo
Single head small FOV floor standing gamma camera. Solo is a versatile, cost-efficient and compact gamma camera
For Sales & Service, please contact us

We will be happy to provide further information and quotations about our products & services. We can also provide competitive quotations for your existing Philips, ADAC, IS2 and DDD gamma camera systems.