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IS2 Pulse Cardiac SPECT System For Sale or Rent

IS2 Pulse cardiac spect camera for sale or rent

MIC currently have an IS2 Pulse dual head cardiac SPECT gamma camera system available for sale or rent. The system includes IS2 digital detectors with 3/8inch crystals, the standard Pulse patient table and handset, Pulse HRGP collimators, acquisition cart with monitor, keyboard and mouse, ECG monitor with gating facility, a UPS, an optional ADAC Pegasys Blade 150 processing workstation. The system can be used for static, dynamic and SPECT imaging which can be either gated or non-gated. The detectors are fixed at 90degrees which is generally considered ideal for cardiac imaging. The photo above shows a typical Pulse installation with it's acquisition cart to the right and ECG monitor on the shelf under the bed.

Collimator exchange is manual which is possible due to the relatively light weight of the collimators. Daily QC is performed by replacing the collimators with a supplied pair of protective perspex shields and then mounting an intrinsic point source on a jig which mates with a receptacle on the patient bed. A preset protocol is then used to acquire floods from the two detectors sequentially. Alternatively it is possible to use a Co57 flood source but Tc99 or Tl201 intrinsic floods are usually preferred. A similar jig is also provided for COR checks, the acquisition for which is also provided as a preset protocol.

This system we have available was originally manufactured in 2004.
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