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ADAC Forte SPECT/WB System For Sale or Rent

ADAC Forte gamma camera for sale or rent

MIC currently have an ADAC Forte LFOV dual head gamma camera system, with Vantage Gd153 attenuation correction, available for sale or rent. The system includes Epic digital detectors with 3/8inch crystals, the standard Forte patient table, collimator exchanger and collimators (LEGP, VXGP, LEHR and MEGP are available), acquisition cart with monitors and keyboard, an ADAC Pegasys Blade 150 processing workstation, a 6KVA APC UPS and an optional Sony M-O Disc Drive. The system can be used for Whole Body, SPECT, Dynamic and Static Nuclear Medicine imaging. The detectors can be configured to either 180 degree opposing as shown in the photo above or to 90 degrees eg for cardiac imaging.
The photo above shows a typical Forte installation minus the Vantage attenuation correction hardware and Pegasys workstation.

Collimator exchange is semi-automatic with the exchanger movements and collimator locking/unlocking being automated. The Pegasys workstation would be supplied with the following software - AutoQuant Plus Review, Auto Spect Plus with Instill, DICOM Version 4.25, DICOM Modality Worklist, Image Fusion Software, Interfile 3.3, Pegasys Version 5.0, Vantage Expect 2.1, Archive Tracker Version 2.20.
 Optionally an Ivy ECG gating unit can be included to allow gated cardiac imaging.

For those not sure, ADAC Forte systems are virtually identical to Philips Forte systems. The ADAC Forte PowerPack system we have available was originally manufactured in January 2004. Please contact us for further information.