Medical Imaging Consultancy Ltd
Specialists in the Maintenance and Repair of Spectrum Dynamics, IS2/Positron and ADAC/Philips Gamma Cameras.
Nick started his career in the late 70's in the test and repair department at Crompton Electronics (part of the Hawker Siddley group of companies) working on surgical diathermy systems manufactured for Downs Surgical Ltd. Also testing and repairing digital meters.

He then moved into diagnostic imaging, working for GEC Ltd, where he initially worked in field service on x-ray equipment such as Deans D38/D44, Apollo ceiling tubestands, Transix/Summit x-ray generators, Concord tables and image intensifiers.
Leaving x-ray he moved into CT and worked on Picker International's 1200SX CT system, where he also gained experience not only in servicing CT scanners but also developing a database program in assembler for the Perkin Elmer 32 bit mini computers that formed the processing part of the CT scanners at that time. He also serviced Picker's Perkin Elmer 3210 based Radiation Treatment Planning systems.

Having left Picker his next job was working for Taunton Engineering, which is where he then come into contact with the Nuclear Medicine business. He serviced Digital Equipment Corporation computers which were the platform used on early ADAC RT11 nuclear medicine workstations and also Data General based computer systems that were the system used by MDS workstations. He also developed software in assembler for the DEC RT11 based ADAC systems to transfer ADAC image data to GE format. Further software development included transfer of Elscint/Toshiba/ADAC/Interfile image data between these manufacture's different formats. This time the code was written in C rather than assembler.

Taunton Engineering was purchased by Interactive Imaging Ltd where Nick continued to work on the MDS and early ADAC nuclear medicine workstations. However he also worked on the Imatron CT Scanner at the Brompton.

Leaving Interactive Imaging, he then worked for ADAC Laboratories on ADAC's gamma cameras and workstations such as the Genesys, Vertex and Forte systems, eventually becoming service manager. He also gained experience in Windows programming and further assembly language programming on a system that ADAC UK developed to interface to generic analogue gamma cameras.

ADAC was purchased by Philips where he was the Technical Lead engineer for ADAC based sytems.

After a couple of years at Philips, Nick moved to MIC Ltd where he continues to work on ADAC/Philips systems but also IS2 and Spectrum Dynamics equipment. He is also responsible for developing this website and supporting the in house servers that run it. He has also developed a patient database system for storage of millions of images called the "MyMIcArchive" system. Further software related work involved developing the Transnet secure 3G/GPRS remote unattended transfer system, based around the Linux operating system.

Nick has always been interested in computer programming and computers. Having programmed on Perkin Elmer assembler, Windows, Unix (Solaris), DEC RT11 and Linux operating systems he is especially interested in Linux based systems and uses OpenSuSe Linux almost exclusively for business and pleasure.
Medical Imaging Consultancy Ltd ( MIC ) was founded by  Mick Rogers in July 2001. Nick Law went into partnership with Mick in June 2003. As the company continued to grow, Jonathan Briggs joined us in March 2005. Jonathan retired from full time employment during 2014 but still provides us with his knowledge & occasional site visits on a part time basis. In 2014 we welcomed John Groves to the company. John's background in Nuclear Medicine & control systems makes a very useful addition to our capabilities.

MIC have continued to increase the number of service contracts provided to the NHS and private diagnostic imaging companies. A result of this continued success, has been a need to increase our stock of parts and expand our workshop which is now home to six gamma cameras which are used for parts testing and training.
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