7th June 2009 - Ref.090607
MIC completes the relocation of two IS2 Pulse cardiac cameras to the new Nuclear Cardiology department at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

March 2009 - Ref.090324 - MIC are confirmed as the exclusive UK service organisation for the Spectrum Dynamics DSPECT nuclear cardiac imaging system.
Spectrum Dynamics agree to the joint proposal between MIC Ltd, Diagnostic Imaging Ltd and LINK Medical Ltd to represent Spectrum Dynamics D-SPECT sales and service in the UK. MIC's role is to provide service, maintenance and engineering support.
March 2009 - Ref.090323 - MIC develop a device that transfers encrypted Pegasys image data from imaging systems located on mobile trailers.
Data from the Pegasys is transferred via 3G/GPRS to a central server that forwards the data onto other hosts. The system was designed to be tolerant of network failures. The system is fully automated in that when any host or network connection is down the data is cached and the Transnet program which is running on each node will monitor the connection and when it is able to will continue with the transfer without any user interaction required, other than the initial selection of data on the Pegasys.

January 2009 - Ref.090129
Positron Corporation
acquire IS2, thereby adding the PulseCDC to their range of imaging systems.
Medical Imaging Consultancy Ltd
Specialists in the Maintenance and Repair of Spectrum Dynamics, IS2/Positron and ADAC/Philips Gamma Cameras.